How be creative.

>Why does being asked to ‘come up with a few creative ideas’ fill so many of us with such secret dread?

Every human being is born with the creative spark – the ability to create something completely new, original and unique. Yet how many times, over the years, have I heard a (now) familiar cry spring from anguished lips “But I’m not creative!”

Why is it that so many of us feel that we are not creative people? Why does our mouth dry, and pulse race, at the very thought of having to think up something no-one else on the entire planet has thought of before?

Let’s answer that question together. Please add your comments to this blog as we embark on this quest. For although I’ve hitherto been blogging on stage presence – this blog is ultimately called ‘creative confidence’ Creativity is a quality closest to my heart, and I utterly believe that everyone is as creative as the most accomplished people alive today. If you share this belief, please add your experience – if you whole heartedly disagree, share that too!

Seed of an idea
In my experience the first place to start – when you’re faced with the prospect of having to think of some ‘creative ideas’ is not to freeze, but to cast about for something which will inspire you. This ‘something’ is the seed from which your creative idea will germinate.

Your quest for creative idea then, begins with a quest for your seed.
This seed can take any form… an emotive song, an inspiring person, something someone said to you, a quote you’ve just read, a painting, a piece of information, an image, a photograph… Cast around until you find something.

Don’t Panic
Your attitude is all important. You must be patient. You must trust that the seed for your brilliant idea will come. In fact it’s already there somewhere and you’ll find it just at the precise perfect moment. If you panic, it’ll just take longer.

How do you know when you’ve found your seed? It’ll emotionally grab you. It’ll get you excited. It’ll stimulate an idea. That’s when you must must must grab the moment and allow the ideas to flow.

Warning: Seeds are time sensitive. When you find your seed, act on it. Give it room, give it some thought and most importantly… put PEN TO PAPER. Don’t ignore it or leave it till later. You’ll be amazed at how you much you forget.

Don’t worry if the first ideas are bad… keep them coming, the good ones sometimes come later.


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