Get stage presence

Say you were sitting in an audience and I were to walk onto a stage what would you see? A petite, India woman with a winning smile. Your first impression of me would be decided very quickly. On what ? Perhaps the way I entered, did I seem hurried to you? Nervous or at ease? Did you like the fact that I acknowledge you with as soon as I appeared from the side-wings or did I ignore you completely until I was centre-stage?

Did I greet you with a smile, song or gesture? Was it appropriate? Was I predictable? How was my timing?

All this you’d judge in the first few seconds of my performance. You’d also perceive something else entirely different, that illusive quality which every performer craves… ‘STAGE PRESENCE’.

Madonna the pop-star has a commanding presence in her videos and live concerts, she can enthral tens of thousands of people for hours, yet when she acted in a West-End play more than one critic said she had “zero stage-presence” She just didn’t exude the same star quality in a theatre setting.

So how do we get Stage Presence? And is it something we can cultivate? What makes a performer memorable? What is it that gives him/her that extra sparkle, that ‘star-quality?’ It is every performer’s wish to captivate their audience. To have them hanging on every word and go away wanting more.

I’ll just tell you what happens when stage presence is missing. Not to frighten you but to prove to you that it is important and it is also a quality you can cultivate. So keep an eye on my blogs, I'm going to try and make them as practical as possible, with lots of tips and suggestions, not just speakers and performers, but for back-stage people too. It comes from years of observation and practical hands-on experience. But you do have to make a commitment to yourself to follow it through. So good luck!

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