Are they really interested in your speech?

Ever been there?

You're giving a speech or presentation and happen to look around your audience, and what do you see? A sea of utterly blank faces. That's a mouth drying moment. But rest assured.

Notice yourself next time you are part of an audience. You might find the speaker very interesting, but how expressive are you of that interest? Do you nod in agreement or throw your head back to laugh in appreciation? Probably not very much, when you lose your self-consciousness and get absorbed in the content you might in fact frown in concentration, and if the speaker wasn’t in the know she’s probably think you were frowning in disagreement.

So 3 things:
1: Be confident and know that the audience probably is listening (unless you really are boring them to death)
2: Take pity on the next speaker you listen to, nod or smile occasionally perhaps – because the time will surely come when you'll appreciate it yourself.
3: If you don't see any response – pretend there is! Funny thing, it really does work. A small smile back at 'someone' in the audience, as if they have just smiled at you. And voila! Before you know it, you'll start getting a response. People follow other people. Or what they think other people are doing.

Hope that helps!

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