Tips for being an MC

Underestimate an MC's job at your peril, especially if it is your first time. I'll start with the best advice first – if you're an MC, it's all too easy to get caught up in arranging the schedule and running organising everything on the night. Before you know it the audience have arrived, are seated and it's time for you to stand in front of everyone and welcome them. Alas! if you haven't completely thought through everything you're going to say before that moment – it's too late! What EXACT words are you going to say? Rehearse your opening lines at least if not anything else.

Being an MC is all about easy communication with the audience. Being confident – and informative. Making sure everyone understands your main points, that they are interested in what you are going to say next, and that you get a laugh here and there. Confidence comes with preparation, and I will be giving tips on how to prepare so stay tuned in to this blog.

2 tips to start you off…
• Getting a laugh. A safe thing is to use jokes that say something you can carry on from, so if the audience don't laugh, they won't know they haven't. You can also cover your back by not laughing at your own jokes in case the audience doesn't.
• Never look at your watch it will remind the audience how long you've been talking and might create the impression that timekeeping is more important than them.

Practise what you are going to say in front of a mirror, record yourself to listen and check how you're emphasising your words, film yourself (cringe-worthy though it may be) to see how many times you do those repetitive manerisms.

'A sign of a good MC is that even if the roof fell down – he'd have the audience believe it was in the schedule. Better still…. if you somehow save a potentially embarrassing situation – and do it with flair – audience will definately warm to you! 

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