Samia Squires

I have been working in personal branding, graphics and marketing for many years and long ago realised that branding is about a person’s own identity—who they become when they purchase something or associate with a company. Personal branding is fascinating to me. What are we really communicating with the way we dress, speak and present yourself?

As a dramatist, I’ve written and directed over 100 original stage productions (from skits in living rooms, to full-length musicals performed in a professional theatre)  I discovered ‘audience’ can be translated to ‘client’ astonishingly well.

This led me to integrate all aspects of my experience. Not just professional but personal as well. I had serious burnout in my 20s and early 30s which gave me great insights into how we as human beings learn to value ourselves.

What inspires me? …creativity in all its forms.


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